1968 Hemi Dodge Charger - Fuel Injected 472 Hemi + Nitro - Super Custom SEMA Car — luxury vehicle For Sale

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US $175.000.00
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Mesa, Arizona, United States
Custom with Shaved door handles and mirrors
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Silver Metallic
Hemi Custom - Cropped, Dropped, Shaved and Tubbed
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Black and Orange
472 Fuel Injected Hemi (with Nitrous)
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Automatic or Manual Shift with Gear Vendor
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Rear Wheel Drive with Dana 60 Posi
CD Player, Leather Seats
Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
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Private Seller

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Description for luxury vehicle 1968 Hemi Dodge Charger - Fuel Injected 472 Hemi + Nitro - Super Custom SEMA Car


I am very pleased to announce that "IMAGN8", a fully customized 1968 Hemi Dodge Charger with a Fuel Injected 472 Hemi, is being offered for sale to the general public! This amazing vehicle first debuted at SEMA and received numerous accolades for its style and innovation. Some well known and high-profile leaders in the automobile industry participated in the build process. The car has also been used by several famous celebrities, rappers and business executives for both public and private events. Some additional historical details of "IMAGN8" are being provided in the descriptions below (information is limited in order to retain the anonymity of the owner). Many personally owned and customized vehicles like this never make their way into the general market for sale. Some are sold at private events, or even listed at major automobile auction house events. The owner of this vehicle firmly believes that everyone should be allowed the opportunity to own something rare and unique. Therefore, eBay was also selected since it reaches a wide range of buyers on a worldwide basis. Please Note: The vehicle is also being marketed and listed for sale in other venues.       

The current owner has had this car for several decades and actually drove it when he was in high school! The original set of keys still work in the trunk lock and ignition. From concept to reality... the car took over 14 years to design, engineer and build at a cost of almost $375,000.00!!! This process was photographed in detail. All information, including cost data, work orders, parts lists, concept drawings, renditions and invoices will be provided to the buyer. 

Simply driving this car down the road results in people of all ages pointing frantically; trying their hopeless-best to catch up for a better look. Stopping for gas creates crowds gathering in amazement; eagerly waiting in excitement to hear the deep thunderous roar of the Hemi engine. Their eyes and smiles instantly widen as the car comes to life; signaling that is was much more than they had ever anticipated. Let the custom sound system can kick-in from the three amplifiers (two 800W and one 500W) to send them an additional and surprising pulsing-vibration from the huge deep bass speakers. For fun, you can adjust the air bags and the car unexpectedly heaves itself into position as a stance of dominance, power and aggression! They have never even had the chance to glimpse the custom trunk features, interior design, clean and meticulous engine compartment, or the sleek and ornate underside of the car...yet people are already talking about your car.... and telling their friends...and you are not even at a car show! There is no other 1968 Dodge Charger like this one on the planet and there likely never will be!        

THIS CAR WILL BE SOLD! There is NO SALES TAX on this "private sale"! The price is set at a fraction of what the car actually cost to make. You do not have to wait 14 + years, or spend the large amount of money it took to create this vehicle!  

Good luck and please feel free to ask us any questions about the details and features of the car. 


Details and Features

 - Crate 472 Hemi Engine - Mopar Performance crate engine, repainted, modified and designed fuel injected 472 crate Hemi. Crate specs of 525 HP (without Nitrous)

 - Fuel Injection - Excel Fuel Injection System with custom insulation and rails. Colored and polished brackets and connectors.

 - Nitrous - Custom painted / powder coated Edelbrock Nitro tank (trunk). Tank is not filled & inactive at this time. Victor Pro components (solenoids, jets, intakes, brackets, harness) installed.

 - Pully / Belt System - March Performance,polished billet serpentine system. Very first ever made and released! Specially made for the 472 Hemi crate engine under the March Futura series. 

 - Alternator - PowerMaster 200 amp Chrysler Hemi chromed and polished alternator with billet brackets. 

 - Transmission - A fully rebuilt 727 Dodge Charger transmission with SKII 2800 stall converter + gear vendors overdrive. Built by Hughes Performance!

 - Oil pan - Custom formed and polished large oil pan that allows special clearance for the vehicle to sit inches off of the ground when the airbags are fully deflated.  

 - Fuel Tank/Cell - Custom designed /engineered 25 gallon fuel tank. Polished to a mirror and flawless finish. No beads or weld lines visible when the vehicle is lifted (for shows / events).  

 - Fuel Intake - The original 1968 Dodge Charger external fuel intake door on the body of the car was fully restored to retain the vehicles original external appearance. 

 - Exhaust - NASCAR Rectangular Custom - Fully customized, ceramic coated, hand forged and tucked in order to allow the car to sit just inches above the ground.

 - Radiator - Be Cool Radiator module system with external dual fans. A secondary Koyo cooling radiator has been installed in the front of the primary radiator for additional heat reduction.  

 - Mufflers - Magnaflow Performance Exhaust hot rod kit with two stainless steel hand polished Open Magnaflow performance designed mufflers. 

 - Exhaust Tips - Dual polished rectangular stainless steel exhaust tips, which were original for some Hemi Dodge Chargers. Provided by Year One.

 - Exhaust Manifold - Custom cut and hand designed exhaust manifold which has been professionally ceramic coated in a deep matte silver oxide color.  

 - Trim / Chrome Accents - The original 1968 Dodge Charger trim that has been restored and re-polished.

 - Dana 60  - Mona Dana 60 rear axle, custom color powder coated to match the custom made frame. Posi traction with 3.54 gears and a highly polished stainless steel Dana 60 gear cover.

 - Frame - Personally designed and hand made by renowned frame-maker Art Morrison. Specially reinforced for the power of the 472 Hemi engine. Custom colored and powder coated in red.  

 - Speakers / Sub Woofers - Three (1 is a dummy) 10" Dual MTX 4 ohm Thunder subwoofers. MTX Thunder 6" and 4" high end speakers in the rear seat window mount, doors and trunk lid. 

 - Amplifiers - Two Thunder 8500, 4 channel 800 watt and one Thunder 8500, 2 channel 500W amplifiers which are professionally installed in the trunk by world renown Jason Krantz.  

 - Electronics / Wiring / Components - StreetWires electrical components, fuses, terminals, caps, spades, and clips for the sound system wiring and MTX subwoofers and amplifiers.  

 - External Video Jack - An external video jack had been installed so that an external vehicles video monitor may be played at car shows and events. 

 - External Door Release - A secondary door release (hidden) has been custom installed under the car in the event of a door popper malfunction.

 - External Power Jack - An external power jack has been installed to provide secondary and auxiliary power to the vehicle for car shows and events.

 - Air Conditioning / Heater - Vintage Air Supergen II system with Louver Venturi 2.5 vents (intake valves). Drier with trinary switch. System custom installed under the dash of the vehicle. 

 - Brakes - 13" 6 piston big brake disk kit, polished calipers and customer painted and powder coated assemblies.

 - Asanti Wheels - Rear: 22" Asanti AF114 Spiked Series; Front: 19" AF114 Spiked Series - First made. Personally overseen by Mr. Asanti for Imagn8. Shown in Asanti's booth at SEMA. 

 - BF Goodrich Tires - G-Force TA KDW 22" (285-35-22) and 19" (245-35-19) Flame Series tires.

 - Suspension: Heidt's Superride II front end suspension, control arms and hardware, chrome stabilizer bar polished stainless tie rod ends.

 - Air Bags: Air Ride Technologies Ride Pro with Big Red Max and Veri-Shock SKW's w/coil-over IFS. Shockwave 12X17 eye/eye. ARC 4800 Compressor. Dakota Digital control panel readout. 

 - Battery - Optima Red Top 34/78DT Dual Terminal Batteries are located behind the rear seats.

 - Steering Column - IDIDIT tilt polished steering column with 9 bolt polished adapter and center engraved horn accent. 

 - Stereo - Panasonic AVIC-D1 Double Din, 6.5" color touch screen (motorized), XM, DVD, WMA, CD, Video Input, Super Tuner, NAV, MP3, MOSFET 50WX4, MS Windows Media ready! 

 - Navigation - Part of the Panasonic Stereo Touchscreen Display / Python GPS with Navigation. Full Visual and Audio feedback for directions and places of interest.   

 - CD / DVD Player - CD player is located behind the stereo readout display, which opens automatically upon activation. A DVD slot is located on the center console for all 5 color monitors.

 - Digital Gauges - Dakota Digital Odyssey series gauges with vacuum florescent blue readout with chrome bezels. Custom formed and painted dash that matches the exterior silver.   

 - Visual Performance Display - A visual vehicle performance display is incorporated into the digital stereo LCD monitor. Provides a live visual gauge readout of compass, speed, and RPM. 

 - Interior - The vehicles interior is completely hand designed. Genuine leather is wrapped and internally supported by fiberglass, metal and laser cut foam. Original headliner, light and visors. 

 - Trunk - The vehicles trunk was designed and installed by Jason Krantz, recently ranked one of the worlds best custom installers. The stereo and sound system was also installed by Jason.  

 - Carpet - New ultra fiber, high wear, black loop carpet with core-dense underlay and sound reduction padding.   

 - Alarm - Python 881XP Responder System using 5 channel 2-way security and digital display remote. Revenger 6 tone siren and 66 bit close-safe code hopping.  

 - Low Jack System - Python 881XP DPI GPS System with LCD display screen on the Responder digital remote. 

 - Door Poppers - AutoLoc DP3500 kit with SL50 Solenoids and RA1000 40 amp relays. Emergency door release handle is installed in a covert location. 

 - Electric Windows - Specialty Power Windows PWL-2C electric window kit, cables and motors. SPW component WWK-21 Dual Wiper Drive Kit with 2 speed rotary SW.

 - Monitors - Five internal LCD color video monitors (three in the cab and two in the trunk lid) are connected to the center console mounted DVD player.     

 - Paint - BASF silver metallic paint and oxi-blood red accent paint (rear stripe) professionally applied. Five coats of DC5300 CTR clear coat added for depth, strength and resilience.

 - Tubbed - The rear wheel wells folded and internal wheel wells hosing expanded to accommodate the wheels during airbag deflation. Rear windows inactive due to clearance restrictions.  

 - Hood Modification - The front hood of the vehicle has been professionally modified with an air scoop for engine airflow and improved visual appearance. 

 - Body Work - All of the original OEM fenders, doors, hood, trunk lid and body base were acid dripped & e-coated for full strength and resilience. Seamless external body modifications.        

 - Shaved Door Handles - The exterior door handles were shaved and the doors are now opened by remote door poppers.

 - Shaved Mirrors - The exterior side and rear view mirrors were shaved to give the vehicle a sleek and streamlined appearance. 

 - Turn Signals - New hood turn signals, exterior body lights and lower front valance lights were provided by Year One to keep the original look of the 1968 Dodge Charger exterior design.

 - Fabrication - Numerous fabrication improvements such as shortened and tucked bumpers, exaggerated body lines and reinforced bolt frame attachments retaining the original B-Body design. 

 - Headlamp Actuators - The original headlight cover actuators were completely modified with a custom made mechanical activation system using the original pneumatic pumps.

IMPORTANT NOTES AND UPDATES: The vehicle has underwent several upgrades, changes and modifications since the pictures were taken. Parts of the already new electrical system were replaced and updated to the most recent technology, whereby removing over 30 pounds of wiring and decreasing the size of several components. The engine bay has had several items added since the pictures were taken, improving performance, adding features, equipment and options (See link for pictures). The front suspension was modified to extend (widen) the front wheel base, allowing the front wheels to be more flush with the front fenders (See link for pictures). The center console has had a control panel installed that provides additional options for the overdrive functions (See link for pictures). The nitrous oxide tank, components, wiring and activation system are installed but have not been activated or tested. An airbag readout and control panel has been installed on the center console (See link for pictures). An air conditioning readout and control panel has been installed on the center console (See link for pictures). The fuel injection rails have been replaced with matte black rails (See link for pictures). The small front lower valance has been removed and is not included (See link for pictures). The concept drawings were created prior to the car being built and shall be provided to the buyer. Drawings were conceptual only were created before the car was built. The pictures provided in the EXTERNAL link below shows the most recent status. The underside of this car is simply breathtaking. The fuel tank is like a polished mirror. Additional pictures can be sent by request.    


CLICK PICTURE                           CLICK PICTURE Click picture for the most recent upgrades and changes


Details: The bidding is open to international bidders. International bidders must contact the seller prior to placing a bid or those bids will be subject to removal. Shipping is not offered or provided and the buyer shall be responsible for arranging the pickup and delivery. A $5,000.00 deposit is required by the winning bidder within 48 hours at the end of the auction. The security deposit is non-refundable in the event the buyer fails to complete the sale, or fails to provide payment in full within 7 days after the auction ends. All sales are final and no refunds of any kind shall be provided. The vehicle is being sold "as-is" and no warranty is being offered or implied. Payment must be in US dollars. Funds will be completely verified and confirmed prior to the vehicles release. Seller is not responsible for any delay resulting from the authorization, verification, or confirmation of funds. A formal Sale Agreement will be required, with an original document signature provided from the buyer, prior to the title release. Again, full payment must be made no later than 7 days after the auction ends or the $5,000.00 deposit will be forfeited and the vehicle may be subject to relisting. Seller will store the vehicle while the buyer makes arrangements for shipping and transit (up to 90 days for international buyers) at no charge.       

This vehicle is also being listed for sale in multiple national and international magazines, publications, and marketing venues. The seller reserves the exclusive right to cancel this auction at any time and for any reason.   

We highly encourage and urge all qualified bidders to make an appointment to view or inspect the car in person prior to any bid commitment. Independent inspections are also recommended and encouraged. The vehicle is currently (temporary) located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is registered in Oregon and the title is clean. Please send an email to NWFM@comcast.net for appointment inquiries only. For individuals that wish to fly to Arizona to view or inspect the vehicle, transportation will be provided to and from Phoenix International Airport at no charge. Nearby hotel accommodations can be recommended upon request. 


Buyers Terms and Conditions: The winning bidder (Buyer) unconditionally agrees that the failure to inspect the vehicle, either personally or through a secondary inspection service, shall constitute a waiver from any and all claims for current or existing defects, flaws, workmanship, performance, function, or expectations of the Buyer once the auction ends. Seller has provided all bidders the opportunity to personally inspect the vehicle, and/or to have the vehicle fully inspected by a secondary party. In the event of any challenge or legal dispute, including "buyers remorse"; the Buyer shall hold harmless and defend the Seller, including the responsibility for any and all legal fees, costs, incidentals or financial loss suffered by the Seller. Seller has made every reasonable effort to provide the true and correct information without any known misrepresentation. Due diligence and the verification of the sellers description is the sole responsibility of the buyer prior to placing a bid during the auction. Buyer consents that these Buyers Terms and Conditions are part of the sale, have been read, fully understood, and were clearly posted in the description of the auction. Buyer has therefore completely agreed to these terms and conditions prior to placing a bid. Placing a bid constitutes full agreement to these Terms and Conditions, which shall not be waived in whole, or in part by the Seller. Buyer agrees not to release the name of the Seller without prior written consent or permission. Pictures of "IMAGN8" are private and are not to be copied, used for marketing, advertising, promotion, or public/private display without the written consent of the owner. Please send an email to NWFM@comcast.net requesting approval for any photo usage.   

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Terry Morgan

Wow!!!! I love this car! Best modified 68 charger I have ever seen. I bet this sells.



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