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70D All wheel Drive
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Cardiff, United Kingdom
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Right-hand drive
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5 + 2 children Rear facing
Alloy Wheels
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Rear facing child Jump seats, Air Conditioning, Auxiliary heating, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Electric heated seats, Leather Seats, Parking Sensors, Power-assisted Steering (PAS), Power Locks, Power Seats
In-Car Audio: 
Spotify, USB playback, DAB radio, AM/FM Stereo, Navigation S
Engine Size: 
NO engine
Safety Features: 
Traffic aware Cruise control, 4-Wheel Drive, Alarm, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Driver Airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Immobiliser, Passenger Airbag, Rear seat belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners, Side Airbags
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Description for luxury vehicle free fuel for life TESLA Model S 70D 5+2 seats Autopilot 4 WHEEL DRIVE, Leather

Miles on the clock as I type will go up by the day if not by the hour as the car just makes you want to drive  Please read The Oatmeal's 'What it's like to own a Tesla' comic, because it's hilarious and captures part of the fun

The 7 seater option cannot be retro fitted to other Teslas. Has to be a factory fit. This option alone costs over £3500. And the rear on these 7 seaters are reinforced for even better protection in case of a rear hit

12 photos NOT enought to show all that the car has, photos in European locations to demonstrate it does not restrict you unlike other Electric cars with much smaller range
Photo DESCRIPTION 1. Trip to Bracelona car in front of F1 circuit 
2. Car at a Supercharger Station with 8 bays 
3. Car charging at a Free public  Rapid charger in Barcelona
4. Autopilot engaged and car following the car in front keeping a safe distance that you have chosen (1-7 Car lengths)
5. Front Boot "frunk as the Americans call it" full of stuff - no engine in engine bay! both motors along the Axles and Battery on the floor gives incredible safety
6. Kids ( aged 3 and 10) in 3rd row Rear facing jump seats with 5 point seat belts - The safest seats in the safest car on the planet
7. Car Plugged into a Super charger- currently  the fastest  car charging station on the planet
8. Public Rapid charger in UK at Motor way service station
9, 10 Just generic photos of the car
11. The car parked in front of the Eiffel Tower
12. Sticker Vignettes of Austria nd Switzerland to show that car has been in those countries and it performed impeccably with its All wheel drive in the Alps full of snow
many Many more photos available if needed

Selling only due to upgrade and mileage will increase as being used daily

If You are a TAXI operator imagine NOT paying for Fuel and No London Congestion Charge to run your business and NOT having to spend money on expensive servicing. All Taxis at Amsterdam Schipol Airport are Teslas possibly for this reason

Car will be available for pick up afterNew year - Enough time for financing if you need to. 

New car with similar specs will cost well over £80000 and a wait of over 4 months and new Tax rules in April will add Expensive road tax

The only Luxury full electric car available in the market. 

Its the initial big amount you pay but then on, the cost to run the car is next to nil.  
NO road TAX NO service neededNO congestion charges in London NO parking Charge in some London Boroughs NO fuel costs 
NO emissions 8 year manufacturer warranty- Unlimited miles warranty for Battery and Drive unit. 

Safest production car in any class as of now on the roads 

Fun features of this car- 1) 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds will beat most other " German performance" cars  at the lights if needed without any drama or noise as it has instant torque 2) Free unlimited internet all over the world wherever you drive, Free Spotify account, Free worldwide SatNav and traffic updates 3) Traffic Aware Cruise Control or TACC – will slow down in tandem with traffic or speed up to preset speed 4)Autopilot enabled for life – when engaged it keeps the car in lane without driver input and changes lane after checking for cars when indicator is turned on 5) Up to 225 real life miles on full charge (Quoted NEDC range 275 miles like quoted mpg for petrol and diesel cars) 6) From anywhere in the world track your car on your phone via app ( Apple, Android and Windows mobile), turn on heater/cooler from anywhere in the world, Summon car locally if needed7) Always on  Parking sensors all around the car , HD rear camera always on if desired, Automatic  self park  (both parallel and bay parking)8) Free Regular Over the Air updates with new software just like your phone to add new features as they become available - essentially the car gets better with age 

Important Interior specs- - 7 seats- comfortable 5 adult seats and 2 rear facing jump seats in the back for kids, making it one of the only luxury executive 7 seater car available - 3rd row rear facing jump seats can be folded flat in less than 5 seconds when not needed to use as normal luggage space - Full black leather interior called next Gen leather on Tesla Website- Massive 17" sat nav screen with Google maps included. This screen is like an extra large ipad and always attracts a crowd when I park somewhere. 
- Unlimited Internet paid for in the car already anywhere in UK and Europe - Read the newspaper if bored when parked on the 17" screen or listen to premium spotify as you drive along - all included in price- No gears and transmission tunnel, so lot of space in between the front seats and excellent leg space in the back for adults- Space in the front for luggage (“frunk”) as no "engine" in the engine bay. Large boot space, enough to keep 2 large suitcases and a few hand bags. This is another feature that amazes people and makes it practical for the owners too. 

Supercharging/ Charging you Tesla- 

The car comes with FREE supercharging (in other words free fuel for life) on Tesla's growing network of Superchargers all over the UK and Europe as far as France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Norway, Spain. 

Basically you stop over for lunch or a comfort break and about 30 minutes later you have enough charge to drive another 200 miles without having spent an extra penny for fuel  ( if doing 20000 miles a year at 12p/mile thats £2400 of fuel you will save in 5 years that is £12000 saved)

up to 225 miles range ( normal motorway speeds) on a single charge costs about £5 of electricity to fill up at economy 7 electricity rates if you ever need to charge to home. That is till less than 2.5p /mile 

Can be charged from a household 3 pin plug if needed (Just like your mobile phone charge overnight for a full battery ready for the morning) or a blue 32 amp commando plug

Multiple rapid chargers approx £6/ 30 minute charge on motorway service stations if desperate. FREE public rapid chargers all over  Scotland 

Free Supercharger on both sides of Eurotunnel Terminal to enable rapid top up prior to boarding the train 

Example trip from Cardiff to Paris ( I did the trip myself amongst many others to Spain, Germany and Switzerland). Charged up to full at Bridgend supercharger for free, next stop in Heathrow for a FREE top up at one of the numerous Free Tesla Supercharger while relaxing in their lounge with coffee and biscuits, enough in the tank to drive cross the tunnel and then top up around Paris on Free Supercharger while you eat. 

The car will plot the route and show the charging stops needed enroute automatically 

So essentially your fuel cost to travel to Paris or beyond ( Barcelona , Frankfurt and St.Moritz) from almost anywhere in the UK is completely FREE. 

Any serious offer will be considered 

NO FREE TEST DRIVES due to high performance and value of the car . Will need to a valid License for identification and will meet in a public place like the local police station car park for security reasons and to keep any potential issues at bay. Genuine buyers will understand 

many many more photos available if needed will send by Whatsapp or email 

All details can be seen on the  website in detail and youtube videos are freely available to see the awesome performance and other features

NO selling to African buyers etc etc

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