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Description for luxury vehicle 2009 Nissan GT-R (AMS Alpha 9+)

My Vision


This 2009 Nissan GT-R is arguably one of the most well-built and maintained supercar killers in the United States. I chose the car because of my love for Japanese automobiles and because this vehicle represents something very special in Japan. The GTR has the reputation of being a moderately priced sports car that competes at super-car level. My vision was simple – build a car to outperform 99% of most sports cars roaming the streets and maintain the pinnacle in daily drivability. 

A great example of my vision was a recent article published by thedrive.com - reading this will provide insight. 


This car has no crazy widebody kits, wheels with extreme camber or anything following current trends in the car scene. This GT-R "beats to its own drum." It was meant to provide years of enjoyment without the need to repair fiberglass cracking in fenders, tires wearing prematurely etc. I wanted to make a statement in the car scene by following the builds of the late 1990s where JDM performance was important and cars were built with purpose. I wanted this car to show up to a car show and let everyone know - this car is a serious build with no "rust under the widebody quarter-panels" or gremlins thanks to crap Chinese made carbon fiber. You are looking at one of the best builds in America.


I envisioned this build to be JDM themed and as you can see in the extensive modification list - I have done just that. Moreover, many of the performance parts used were USDM manufacturers – so why did I sway from the original vision? Simple. With regards to performance AMS Performance has the best reputation in the United States PERIOD for standing behind its product. Some JDM manufacturers cannot say that – so for that reason alone I chose to incorporate the AMS product line into this build with ZERO regret. If you do some research you will find that some of these major companies not only do not warranty faulty products but do not carry replacement parts on the shelf. It means your car is down for months because of their failure to provide customer service. That will not happen with AMS. So here you have it – a 6-year in the making build and over $100,000 in receipts on a GTR that can hang with the best supercars in the world, and still drive like a Toyota Corolla. This GTR was not just built by haphazardly sticking on parts and praying for a miracle. It was built with each piece researched to the extent of nausea. I can tell you “why” I did certain things if you have any questions but they all follow the same theme. Build a QUALITY street car – and I repeat that to myself every single time something is purchased. The Greddy PE-R exhaust for example; one of the quietist at idle, yet most aggressive at WOT. The exhaust mirrored the JDM enthusiasm of the 2000’s with large throaty exhaust canisters meticulously welded in a ballet of rounded steel and aggression. The titanium exhaust tips, accenting the rear while still allowing the exhaust to be welded (if needed) for repairs in the future. As mentioned… researched to the point of nausea. 


Second Place Nissan GT-R (2016) Tuner Evolution

Second Place Nissan GT-R (2015) Tuner Evolution

Builders Choice Springfest (2016) Stock or Modified Bodyworks

Builders Choice Springfest (2015) by Virginia Speed


The Car’s History


Originally purchased with less than 3800 miles on the clock I picked this car up from a lawyer in the Baltimore, MD area. The car was a cherry – and the new car smell was still evident. I purchased the car after an extensive inspection, took it for a test drive, and handed the lawyer a check. I drove the car back to VA Beach and immediately parked it in my garage. The car would remain there for 4-months before I saved enough cash to begin the modifications I had stacked in boxes in my living room (needless to say I wasn’t married at the time). 


The Build and Parts 


I started modifying the GTR with one thing in mind – “buy the best from the beginning so you wouldn’t have to buy twice.” I started buying, and I also started conversing with one of the best GTR builders in the US; David Baker though a mutual friend that introduced us. Although I no longer keep in touch with Dave – his reputation for building quality and dependable GTRs is undeniable. Dave did nearly 95% of the modifications on the build and the remaining 5% are currently being done at another top-notch GTR shop in the DC area; Atlantic Motorsports. Noteworthy on the modification list are items in parenthesis (“installed”). These represent modifications currently getting installed at Atlantic Motorsports. The buyer of this vehicle will receive the car with everything included on the list. Additionally - any and all stock/JDM parts I have laying around so that he/she can recover funds from the purchase. 


2009 Nissan GT-R Modification List 



Varis Carbon Fiber Front Lip

Varis Carbon Fiber Bonnet 

Varis Carbon Fiber Diffuser with JDM Z33 light

Skipper Japan CF Wing

Zele CF Sideskirts

Tommy Kaira Rowan Smoked Front and Rear Bumper LED Lights

Mines Carbon Fiber Bumper Insert 

Carbon Dry Japan CF Door Handles

Perrin Front Plate Bracket


2015 Nissan GT-R Tail Lights


Engine Performance

AMS Alpha 9+ Turbo Kit

AMS Race Intercooler

AMS Induction System

AMS Alpha Omega Fuel System

AMS Alpha Expansion Tank

AMS Air-Oil Separator

Murray Stainless Hose Fasteners

Koyo Radiator

SBD Resonated Midpipe

SBD Downpipes

Greddy PE-R Exhaust System

Greddy Windshield Washer Aux Tank

Cobb Accessport V3 Engine Management System 



Baker Performance Built 1200-HP Motor

Manley 4340 I-Beam Rods

Manley Platinum Series Lightweight Pistons

Ferrea Complete Valve Train

Greddy Fuel Rail Set

Injector Dynamics 1300cc Injectors

Tomei 272 Intake/Exhaust Cams

Tomei Valve Springs

ARP Custom Age 625 Plus Head Studs

(2) Tial Dual Purple Blow Off Valves

Visconti E85 Flex Fuel System

Overtake/Mines Titanium Intake Manifold

Pro-Bolt Purple Aluminum Engine Bolts


Engine Dress

Garage Defend Carbon Fiber Cooling Panel

Top Secret Japan Carbon Bonnet Struts

Top Secret Japan Titanium Oil Cap



Jack’s Transmissions Drag 800 Built Transmission w/ 1st gear PPG, helical, clutch baskets and forged seals.


Suspension & Brakes

Powerhouse Amuse R1 Adjustable Suspension System

Driveshaft Shop (DSS) 1000+ WHP Rear Axles (Installing)

SPL Pro Rear End Links

SPL Titanium Rear Camber Links

SPL Titanium Rear Toe Links

SPL Titanium Rear Traction Links

Cusco Front & Rear Sway bars

Custom Powder Coated Purple Brembo Calipers

Project Mu SCR-PRO+ Rotors

Endless MX72 Brake Pads

Endless SS Brake Lines

Endless Brake Fluid



Advan – Bulletproof Automotive Custom “Frozen Carbon” GT 20×10 [Fronts] 20×12 [Rears]

Advan Centercaps

Toyo R888 285-35-20 [Fronts] 315-30-20 [Rears]

Amuse Titanium Lugnuts



Bride Vorga Japan Edition Carbon Fiber Seats

Bride Seat Rails

Takata Black Drift 3 Belts w/ 3” Comfort Pads

Works Bell Airbag Eliminators

Revosport Carbon Fiber Shift Knob

Cusco Roll Cage with Carbon Fiber Harness Bar

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched White Door Panels

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched Dash Board

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched Center Console

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched Rear Seats

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched Headliner

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched E-Brake Boot

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched Visors

Top Stitch Upholstery Charcoal Alcantara Double-Stitched Interior Door Panels

Revosport Carbon Shift Knob and Map Light

RSW Japan Carbon Fiber Interior Conversion

DCT Motorsports Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

Dynamat Deadened Rear Interior

Forged Performance Steering Wheel Locks

LED Interior & Exterior Conversion



CCC Back-up Camera with Remote Bypass


Please contact me anytime with questions you have on this car, and I will be happy to answer them. Please keep in mind that this vehicle; as with most modified vehicles carries no explicit warranty. No brainer. What I can say however is that this car, has been maintained, loved, and cared for with only the best on the market. No joy rides will be allowed unless I am driving the vehicle to display the power and performance potential within legal bounds. So please – do not ask me for anything ridiculous. The car is 100% street legal with all modifications meeting southern Virginia vehicle safety standards. I cannot speak for your state so please research that on your own. 

A few people have asked a few common questions about the car so I added that information to better assist potential buyers;

Q: Why are you selling this magnificent beast?

A: I would never sell my wife. 

Q: Why the heck are you still modifying the car?

A: The persuit of higher horsepower, making things better, etc. Modifying this car is nothing less than the persuit of perfection. Why stop evolving?

Q: Are you going to be getting into another project?

A: Yes; fatherhood. 

Q: How much WHP has it put down on E85?

A: TBD with new Alpha Omega (a $6K+ fuel system) and tune by the experts at Atlantic Motorsports. With the Amuse manifold and E85 this car should hit numbers north of 900+ WHP. We are attempting to become the first Alpha 9+ 3.8 to hit 1000-WHP. 

Q: How fast can you go in this thing?

A: Depends how much road you have. The car has seen over 150-MPH however. 

Q: Have you ever launched the car?

A: Who builds a GTR and doesn't? I'd say maybe 8-10 times on the new build. Zero issues. 

Q: What extra parts are included?

A: Anything that rhymes with GTR in my garage is yours. This includes "matchbox CAR", any JDM GTR items in my toolbox, JDM air-fresheners, banners, a spare BE shift knob, hood ducts, OEM side lights, Murray hose clamps for the intercooler, spare gas caps, OEM filler caps, etc.

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