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Hill climber/racer/cutdown
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What you are looking at is a 1927 Harley Davidson J model privateer Hill Climber. 

I will start out by telling a bit of the back story on the bike, and will list all of the specs below.

I have dreamed of owning a antique Harley for years and years now, I am completely and totally obsessed with them, after building quite a few choppers and messing around in the hot rod and other aspects of the motorcycle scene, I decided it was time to make some changes and make owning one of these bikes a reality. I looked for ages to find a complete, but disassembled j of Jd, with not much luck. Once I sold one of my recent built choppers I really hit it hard and finally pinned down a bike, only problem, it was in SanFrancisco, well it just so happens that the bike I sold, was in the same area. So My daughter(seven at the time) and I loaded up in a borrowed van, and headed out to California to deliver my bike and hopefully pick up our new antique bike. Long story short, we couldn't hook up with the bike we went for, we were quite discouraged and thought we might need to go home empty handed, but then I remembered an Ebay listing for a '27 that hadn't sold. After getting in contact we went to look at the bike. Everything didn't go as planned because we still ended up leaving empty handed. After running up the road and getting dinner we received a phone call, it was the fellow that owned the bike, and we were able to strike up a deal after all! We were beyond excited, rushed back over, and headed back to Ohio with boxes of parts! 

My intentions with the bike were to throw it together as a cut-down, ride it a bit and learn the motors, the pull the motor out and slap it in a board track frame so that I could race a few 1/2 mile events in the mid west. That is what I have always dreamed about. Well after working on this for a while, one thing lead to another, and I fell in love with the hill climber bikes. I have always been into them, but always wanted a board tracker, but the more I messed with this, having a clutch, transmission and brakes and being able to ride it around, and race a few events, this bike became very appealing to me. 

One this lead to another with the bike, a simple rebuild of the motor turned into completely changing it up and making a monster out of it. As well as somewhere along the lines of the build, other people really started to be into the build and follow along on social media, leading to my invitation to Born Free Motorcycle Show with the bike out in California. With all of that interest, and myself really falling in love with how the bike was headed, it was destined to stay together how you see it now, and not be torn apart to make a different bike. On to the details. 

The bike started life as a 1927 Harley j model: 

My main focus on the bike or the vision I was trying to capture with the bike is a privateer hill climber from the '30's. I used only parts available back in that time period, and did extensive research to make sure every modification and part was correct as well. 

The Frame is a '29 Jd/Jdh cutdown.  I shortened it two inches at the seat post, made new back bones to resemble fh hill climber frames. Also added the three bar bracing in the rear. 

The front end is a '27 frontend that I added the hill climber bracing to, and also remade the front tubes to be the short '15 style front legs. 

Wheels are oe Harley hubs and rims(20" clincher front and rear) tires are new cooker repop tires. Wheels were laced up with new stainless spokes by buchannans. Rear brake is all oe Harley parts with new shoe lining. 

Transmission is a '25 Harley three speed, that Matt walksler of Period Modified went through for me. Has stiffer clutch springs as well as new clutch steels and fibers. Many parts nickel plated on the tranny. 

Engine is a '27 j that is now 90 inches. Has brand new JD Jugs repop '29 cylinders on it, bored to 3.5", and loads of port work. has truett and Osborne flywheels that have been worked quite a bit. Runs modern forged dome top Pistons. Reconditioned Jd long rods, new pinion shaft, sprocket shaft, and flywheel pin. Runs a special grind high lift/high duration cam. Has an early mag drive cam chest, with early cast aluminum military timing cover. All new valves and springs, new hardware throughout, freshly rebuilt Bosch ZEV mag rebuilt by marks magnetos. Has custom stainless 1-3/4" exhaust. Custom stainless intake that mounts the worked m35 linkert. Bike was originally setup to run on alcohol with a 2" riley, but I switched it to gasoline and the linkert  for easier starting/less maintenance. Chains are brand new nickel plated 530 chains. 

Tanks are one off hand hammered tanks made to resemble fh tanks, made to fit the frame perfect. Rear fender is a modified '27 j fender.

Bars are Feeser speedster bars with oe Harley spirals and internal parts. Seat is a replicant metals Messenger that I modified a bit. Seat post and mounts are oe Harley. 

Floorboards, controls, and linkages are all oe Harley. 

Many parts cleaned up and nickel plated. Paint on the bike is ppg lacquer, color is midnight blue, went with lacquer for the authentic look. Stripes and lettering are all hand painted by a friend of mine, Scott Williams. 

I think that about covers it.

One last thing I will note about the bike. I built this bike to ride, and I have done exactly that. I will post up pictures of the bike, in its show condition, perfectly spotless, museum ready, as well as exactly how it sits now, Beautiful in every way, but also used. I love to look of old original as races bikes and that's what I wanted to capture with mine, I believe they look like they have more heart and soul in that form than all polished up. With that said though, if you are the type of guy that wants it spotless and shined up, I am more than willing to do any touch up, polishing, and cleaning to get her back in to perfect museum quality as pictured in the desert pictures, minus the 2" Riley obviously. We can discuss all of this throughout the auction and even after the auction if you end up buying the bike. Don't let some dirt and nicks scare you away! That is very easily "fixed" 

 The bike turned out a very nice, and after some snags along the way like every build, some great great memories, and even greater friendships were built around this bike. The very first time I rode the bike was making a pass down the beach in Wildwood New Jersey after help from a lot of friends out there to get her running, the bike wasn't even finished when we rolled onto the beach Saturday morning! I ended up getting best competition bike of the show out at Born Free, a huge accomplishment for my shop, something I never thought would happen!

 It is a really special piece that gets a ton of attention everywhere I take it, the bike sounds incredible and runs REALLY strong! There are loads of pictures online of the bike from when I took it out to The Race Of Gentleman as well as Born Free. It made it in Roller Magazine in Japan, and was also in the latest hog magazine, had a two page picture of us on the beach getting it running for the first time, in an article about TROG. 

This all leads me to the question I'm sure I will get bombarded with: Why am I Selling it.. the short quick answer, I am not in a position in life to where I can keep all of my builds. As much as I love them, I have a family to support, and a business that I am continually trying to grow, in my industry, the best way to grow, is to put product out there. With that being said, whoever buys this bike will be helping to grow my business by providing the funds for my next antique build. I am currently collecting parts for the board track bike(my dream bike) and want to make that happen. I have been looking for ages for a two cam (jdh, or fh) motor and the only way I would be able to make that dream come true is to get the funds through selling this bike. It will really suck to see this one go, but it is for a good cause! 

If you have any further questions feel free to ask. 

I will be posting up photos of exactly how it sits as soon as the weather breaks, I will also link to some videos on YouTube, and you can check out my instagram feed (@bttw) for more photos/videos, there are loads of build photos on there. 

Justin Walls
Built The Traditional Way 
Columbus, Ohio 

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