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Saint Augustine, Florida, United States
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Silver and Blue
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Description for luxury vehicle Alleyway Kustoms Silverfish Chopper

Originally listed for over $36,000,don't miss your opportunity to own this bike for more than $9000 off the asking price!!

The Silverfish Chopper by Alleyway Kustoms

Recently photographed by Jim Arbogast for Hot Bike Magazine,this one of a kind,High Performance Chopper is now offered for sale to the public.

Alleyway customs builds only a limited amount of motorcycles per year ,(usually four) and almost all are featured in National publications. Almost every stage of the build is handled in house,making each bike very unique and one of a kind. Don't miss out on your chance to own this beautiful machine!!

The total build took just over six months start to finish and was recently completed in April 2016.Complete photo documentation of the entire build start to finish is available upon request (over 160 photos in all).The photos document the entire process from Frame welds and fabrication,to body fill and paint layout,to wiring and final assembly.Video of the bikes first start available as well.


Everything on this motorcycle is brand-new. Brakes, motor, transmission clutch, primary etc... All other parts were either handmade or modified in house to fit this bike perfectly All parts were then Painted or sent off to Space Coast Chrome Plating where they were triple chrome plated.

Everything works and performs flawlessly. 300 break in miles were carefully documented under prime riding conditions and RPM levels at which point any minor issues were addressed to ensure that the new owner has no future problems.It comes ready to go with a fresh oil change.

Bike Specs:

107 inch S&S Evo motor 

105 HP/115 Ft lbs Torque

Five-speed transmission 

2015 design BDL 2 inch primary with Ball Bearing Clutch

Modified Santee Frame 

35mm Narrow Glide Front End with Shaved and Polished Lower Legs

21” Front/16” Rear wheel

Build Details:

The Chassis started with a standard Santee rigid frame that was originally built to run a 150/180 series rear tire and wheel combo.

We narrowed the frame in the rear and knowing this bike would have a 107” motor we added racing strut/gussets for extra strength

Transferring horsepower to the primary we went with a standard five-speed transmission. Being a company that works with Belt Drives Limited(BDL)on a regular basis,we contacted them about what they would recommend for a skinny belt drive configuration.

They recommended there brand-new 2 inch wide belt set up and their competitor series ball bearing clutch.

With the drive train portion of the roller complete,we then moved on to the wheel and tire combo.The brand-new 16" x 3" rear wheel and 21” Spoked wheels were wrapped in Avon Speedmaster rubber.

The brand-new transmission and rear wheel drive sprockets have been changed from the standard 23/51 tooth combination to a 24/48 combo to ensure lower RPMs at highway speeds

Dual disc brakes were added to the 35mm front end and the lower fork legs shaved of fender mounts and polished to shine.

A brand-new GMA brake set up was purchased to stop the Stainless 16 inch rotor for the rear.

We knew we wanted the bike to be more of a solo rider with a shorter Bobbed fender,so we purchased a new stingray fender that matched the 16 inch rear wheel profile and narrowed it 3/4” to fit the width.

A standard axed 2.1 gallon tank was raised/Friscoed 2 1/2” to fit the frame and the petcock bung relocated to the lower left portion of the tank for maximum fuel capacity.

A round soft tail oil tank was then modified to fit and mount properly in the frame and the battery box portion of the oil tank trimmed to fit perfectly

We then hand fabricated a special ignition switch housing to bolt to the side of the backbone and made adapter plates to fit the Chrome Softail forward controls

Not wanting to run anything that look like standard shot gun exhaust pipes we hand built a short race style dual exhaust system

This bike had originally sat in roller form for several years before we acquired it.

Some of the chrome had accumulated some flaking and blemishes so we sent the rocker boxes and tranny lid off with the rest of the fabricated pieces to be chromed.

Knowing that this would be a predominantly silver and blue bike we decided to run all the cables and oil/fuel lines braided stainless steel.

At this time we also made the decision to do all of the castings in aluminum instead of brass.The taillight headlight and air cleaner are all original designs made to mimic the profile and trim detail of a stock FLH nacelle.Also part of the headlight design was the incorporation of a brass twist switch off of a custom guitar as opposed to a toggle switch,giving it’s Hi/Lo/Off positions.

Not wanting to hide the fact that this is a 107” American made S&S Motor,the air cleaner is designed to be a shrunken minimal version of the standard S&S teardrop design.Matching the casting pieces is also a cast aluminum neck badge tapped to fit the frame perfectly.

For handlebars we wanted to make sure the rider had some adjustability,so we went with a set of Biltwell “window bars” and Stainless risers.To make sure the cable scenario turned out as clean as possible we ran the throttle internally.Topping off the bars are a pair of Kustom Tech hand controls that are handcrafted in Italy.Hands down the finest on the market today.For grips and footpegs,Speeddealer  Customs knurled aluminum.

All hardware that is not torque applicable is hand turned stainless steel to ensure that it will never rust and has been carefully cut to fit each portion of the bike

The wiring harness is a Custom Cream cloth wire and Black asphalt loom wiring harness.It is custom-made for this bike with two in-line fuses easily accessible under the seat that prevent any future electrical issues from frying any major electronic components and comes with a wiring diagram just in case there is any need to change anything in the future.

The entire motorcycle paint job was laid out with all of the components in place on the frame to coordinate every panel and make the paint scheme flow flawlessly

Wrapping up the build is a variation of one of our popular king and queen seats but a solo version. The design helps to lock the rider in and prevent slipping onto the fender when you nail the throttle.

It is constructed of a handmade steel seat pan and high density foam for many years of wear and abuse.

The Seat wears a “Range” tan color and all components of the paint job that touch the frame are attached sitting on a leather pad that matches the same seat color.


Once again the bike handles and performs flawlessly a true powerhouse that is not only a blast to ride,but a beautiful bike to show as well!!

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