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This racing machine is typical
of one of the last Tridents to
be raced in the open class
during the late 1970's
at national and
club level with
record in over 120 races against some fast Japanese machines.  This bike has
won races outright
in 1979 & 1981 and been first
British bike crossing the line in most of its open class entries.


1979 I won a Bemsee open class
501-100cc race and in 1981 I won the Classic Race of the Year
on this bike beating
the likes of Dave Degans
and John Cowie on similar mounted “Rob North” 1000cc Tridents.  The
engine remains complete
and runs as it was when
it last won that race in
1981. Due to a controversial CRMC rule
change this
was not eligible to defend the Trophy I won in


The Triumph works era ended circa 1975.
But Triumph/BSA 3 cylinder motorcycles were still a successful
racing machine at national and club
racing up
about 1977.

750cc 4 cylinder two
stokes and the large capacity multi-cylinder Japanese 4 strokes
started to dominate racing from about


This motorcycle racing
machine was raced in the over
501cc open class
between 1977
and 1982 and is an original from that era.
 It does not claim to be a genuine Rob North or ex-
Triumph factory racing
machine.  However it does have direct connections to those from
the factory team.  The Rob
frame design is
one of the early frames
built by Miles Engineering under the skilled hand
of Mick Pearce. 
The frame is stamped ME0010.  I have
the receipts to prove its date of manufacturer.  Triumph Development Engineer
Norman Hyde and
the Triumph Works mechanic Jack Sheman had a direct
hand in tuning this motorcycle
and it has been test ridden by Paul Smart and Alex George.  It has triumph factory works conrods  supplied by norman hyde when he sponsored John Parker and the information file explains the factory modifications that were made to the bike in fine detail. The history of Rob North Tridents is well described
in the book Triumph Experimental
Mick Duckworth.


This racing motorcycle used a 1973
Triumph Trident
T150v in a Rob North frame and was
built in the winter
of 1977/78. It was
at Club and
national level
until 1982.  The documentation includes
copies of bills, race results, race programs, newspaper
cuttings, video
footage from two races at Brands Hatch
taken 1981
and race pictures. Also included are copies of a very rough
log/note book about changes that were made to make the bike perform so well. Many of which were factory secrets.  Since new it remained in the ownership of
John Parker and had been stored in his heated garden
shed for the next 33 years.
 It was started for the first
time in 33 years on the 7 April 2015, this was
captured on video. I've run the bike on a local circuit and it is incredibly fast even by modern superbike standards.


The bike was described by Alex George as the fastest Rob North he'd ever ridden. Copies of that MCN article are included with the bike.

With a new Richard Peckett rob north costing over £30,000 and second hand machines with no history or factory mechanic input selling for over £20,000 this bike can only increase in value and desirability.  

The bike is as it was raced with years of patina and it would be wrong to attempt to make it shiny and new. It should be used exactly as it is and would be a real crowed pleaser at any classic event. I've fitted a baffle to the exhaust but the original end cap is with the bike and it's impressively loud. 

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