2014 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class 4Matic Coupe, AMG Sport Package & Wheels, 2-Door — luxury vehicle For Sale

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AMG Sport Package.
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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States
Exterior Color: 
Diamond Silver metallic
19" AMG triple 5‑spoke 4matic Sport Package
Interior Color: 
Black & Burl Walnut wood
4.6‑liter biturbo Direct Injection V‑8 429 hp
Number of Cylinders: 
Drive Type: 
4 MATIC-All Wheel Drive
4-Wheel Drive, CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof
Safety Features: 
Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags
Power Options: 
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Vehicle has an existing warranty
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Private Seller

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Description for luxury vehicle 2014 Mercedes-Benz CL-Class 4Matic Coupe, AMG Sport Package & Wheels, 2-Door

When you think about the milestones Mercedes-Benz has set during the history of the automobile, a
clear pattern emerges. From trendsetting style to groundbreaking safety, the heritage they collectively
created has always been one of thrusting history forward. It’s evident in the way every element of a car
transforms not just itself but the entire motoring world — as imagination gives birth to innovation, optimism
begets opportunity, and engineering sparks emotion. It’s something that’s both visible and tangible in the
CL‑Class. Its airy pillarless profile embraces the sumptuous four-seat cabin without closing in on it. And
it composes rigid standards in performance, comfort and safety into an openly jubilant driving experience.
Mercedes-Benz only makes the four models of the CL‑Class in limited numbers. That’s precisely why they
feel unconstrained by the limitations of ordinary cars. And it’s how they set your inhibitions free as well.
An advanced 429‑hp biturbo V‑8 rushes
the CL 550 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds.
Its paddle-shifted 7‑speed automatic
has been engineered for crisp, smooth
and efficient shifting. Its semi-active
AIRMATIC suspension expertly balances
comfort and handling, while featuring
4‑wheel level control and a selectable
Sport mode. Standard 4matic® all-wheel
drive3 makes the best use of all four
standard 18" 5‑spoke wheels,4 based
on each tire’s grip. Lightweight, nimble
and efficient, 4matic enhances driver
confidence and enjoyment year-round.
Romance might not be the first word you associate with
engineering. But for half a century, only the engineers of
Mercedes-Benz have continuously devoted their passion
to creating coupes whose sleek profiles are uninterrupted
by visible framework. Their panoramic beauty is called
pillarless. Their unbridled passion is peerless.
The taut, sweeping profile of the
CL‑Class is a rare sight to behold
in the everyday world. But to gaze
toward the horizon from any of
its four exquisitely crafted seats
is a revelation. The panoramic
vistas afforded by its pillarless
coupe design may exist purely for
its aesthetic benefits, but it’s an
invisible tribute to its engineering
intensity. To provide four power
side windows with no interrupting
framework requires an elaborate,
highly rigid body structure. It’s a
legendary Mercedes -Benz trait
in any body configuration, paying
dividends in handling precision,
occupant protection and quiet
comfort. The level of expertise
and expense required to combine
such rigid standards with romantic
notions likely explains why almost
every other automaker long ago
abandoned the pillarless coupe.
Of course, devotion to detail is
also readily apparent throughout
the CL‑Class. Every element that
you can see and touch reflects
the expert eyes and hands of the
men and women who take their
time crafting it—from the flowing
central console, to the impeccably
top-stitched dash, to the analog
timepiece that honors the classic
Mercedes-Benz coupes in its rich
heritage. Only one automaker has
created pillarless coupes for over
50 years without interruption. And
only one has brought their timeless
style and peerless performance to
life in the same fashion — allowing
nothing to impede their progress.
From the grand coupes of the streamlined
1930s to the turn of the 21st century, the
flagship Mercedes-Benz coupes have long
quickened the pulse of performance. For
2014, the CL 550 and CL 600 coupes keep
the inspired passion of its forebears fully
aflame with their own unique confluence of
biturbo power and a highly advanced chassis.
A 429‑hp biturbo V‑8 in the CL550 4matic®
employs advanced engineering to evoke more
power and torque from less gasoline, with
fewer emissions. Its innovative technologies
include high-pressure Direct Injection — a
dramatic evolution of technology pioneered
in Mercedes-Benz racecars and production
cars in the 1950s — and rapid-multispark
ignition. Both systems can fine-tune their
response in a matter of a single millisecond,
not just to make the engine’s performance
more efficient at the next combustion cycle,
but to make the most of the moment at hand.
The CL550’s AIRMATIC® suspension teams
with 4matic all-wheel drive to turn torque into
tenacity. The semi-active air suspension’s
adjustable air springs feature a two-mode
Adaptive Damping System. ADS instantly
adjusts each shock absorber every time a
wheel moves up or down. Standard 4‑wheel
level control draws the car closer to the road
at higher speeds — helping to reduce drag
and enhance stability. Lightweight 4matic
all-wheel drive features a 45:55 front/rear
torque split, for handling that’s nimble on
dry roads and reassuring in rain or snow. Its
4‑wheel Electronic Traction System (4‑ETS®)
continually redistributes power to the wheels—
or even to a single wheel—with the best grip.
Bold 18" alloy wheels are standard, while an
array of 19" and 20" options include iconic
AMG® wheels in two Sport Packages.4
A 510‑hp biturbo V‑12 in the CL 600 creates
its superlative output with supernatural ease.
High-pressure turbochargers and liquid-to-air
intercoolers feed dense air to each bank of its
rigid, lightweight diecast alloy block. In return,
it delivers 100% of its torrential 612 lb‑ft of
peak torque starting at just 1,800 rpm.
The CL600’s advanced Active Body Control
(ABC®) is both self-leveling and self-lowering.
Its network of high-pressure hydraulics can
instantly generate counterforces to help
keep the body level — both side-to-side and
end-to-end — over bumps and dips, and in
hard corners. The result is an uncompromised
coexistence of unfettered ride comfort with
cornering that’s virtually free of body roll. It
all takes to the road on 19" wheels or optional
20" wheels with high-performance tires.
Pioneers of accident avoidance.
Two systems that were first introduced
by Mercedes-Benz to help you avoid
potential collisions have since been
adopted by virtually every automaker.
The Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)
monitors the car’s response to driving
inputs such as steering and braking, and
responds when needed to help keep
the car on course.3 Brake Assist (BAS®)
can instantly maximize braking pressure
if it detects an emergency braking
situation — potentially shortening your
overall stopping distance.6
Confidence that starts as you stop.
Adaptive braking technology helps make
driving more reassuring and relaxing.
If you lift off the accelerator quickly,
Predictive Brake Priming sets the pads
closer to the discs for quicker response
when you apply the brakes. In the rain,
Automatic Brake Drying periodically
applies the brakes just enough to
sweep away water buildup on the discs.
During uphill starts, Hill-Start Assist
helps to prevent unwanted rollback.
And a brake HOLD feature can help to
make stop-and-go traffic less stressful.6
A watchful eye for a drowsy driver.
By continually monitoring a variety of
driving behaviors, ATTENTION ASSIST®
is a Mercedes-Benz innovation that
can alert you if it detects telltale signs
of drowsiness on long trips. More than
70 variables are measured, starting
in the first minutes of each drive, to
establish a pattern and determine the
warning thresholds accordingly.7
Predictive occupant protection.
PRE-SAFE can detect instability during
certain vehicle maneuvers that suggest
a collision or rollover is imminent. It
can then adjust the front passenger
seat, close the front windows and close
the sunroof — all in an effort to better
prepare the occupants in the moments
leading up to a possible collision.8
Brilliant lighting, by day or night.
Bi‑Xenon headlamps create light that’s
more like natural daylight than halogen
lamps. Active Curve Illumination and
Adaptive Highbeam Assist continuously
vary the headlamp beam pattern to
maximize illumination of corners and
straightaways, without creating glare
for other drivers. Corner-illuminating
front lamps help to brighten your turns
into driveways. LED Daytime Running
Lamps, turn signals, taillamps and brake
lamps help assert your presence and
intended maneuvers to other drivers.
Cruise control that stops and goes.
Available DISTRONIC PLUS® adaptive
cruise control9 uses radar technology
to adjust your set cruising speed in
response to the flow of traffic ahead —
automatically slowing until your path
clears. If the vehicle ahead slows to a
stop, it can brake to a full halt, then
resume automatically when traffic starts
going.10 Even if you’re not using cruise
control, it can help sense an impending
collision with a vehicle ahead. After
sounding an alert, its PRE‑SAFE Brake
feature can automatically apply up to
100% of the car’s braking force to help
reduce the severity of impact.6
Driving assists with virtual vision.
During nighttime driving, standard Night
View Assist PLUS can project invisible
infrared beams and read them with a
special camera. The system displays
a supplemental real-time view of the
road ahead in the dash. It can also help
to identify pedestrians along a dark
roadway.11 Available Active Blind Spot
and Lane Keeping Assists9 can alert you
to some unseen vehicles in the adjacent
lane,12 and can warn you of unintended
drifting across visible lane markings.7
If you disregard the alerts, advanced
technology in both systems can help
guide the car back into its own lane.
An integrated system of protection.
Even without conventional full B‑pillars,
the CL‑Class body achieves exceptional
rigidity. The extensive use of ultra-high
and high-strength steel in critical areas
helps it manage both weight and impact
forces. A system of nine air bags offers
11-way protection, with dual-stage front
air bags, a driver’s knee air bag, plus
side-impact air bags and side curtain air
bags for every seat.13 In a rear impact,
NECK‑PRO® active front head restraints
help reduce whiplash. And if an air bag
or a seat-belt Emergency Tensioning
Device is ever activated, the standard
Mercedes-Benz mbrace® system14 can
automatically place a call for help.

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