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Electra Glide Trike
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Ajax, Ontario, Canada
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Private Seller

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Please Note, the trike and patent have been relisted to allow those of you impacted by hurricanes, an opportunity to bid. 

Please note trike can be operated as a traditional non-leaning trike. This conversion takes about 10 seconds with the use of a lock pin. The non-leaning version trike still retains all the advantages of my design such as combined differential and reverse gear system, modular construction and assembly. 

The new starting bid price now reflects current market value for a non-leaning trike, and is about 3 cents on the dollar of my original investment.


Unique and Innovative Tilting, Three Motorcycle Design. Patented in both Canada and the USA. Design is adaptable to any motorcycle, leans and steers like a conventional motorcycle. No electronic, hydraulic or computer controls.
Patent Numbers are  US Patent   US8104781 B2   ---------  Canada Patent     CA 2686375

What am I Bidding on?
a) The Canadian and USA patents and all the Intellectual property to produce and sell this trike design.
b) The developmental prototype based on a 2006 Electra Glide with 7810 km (4853 miles)
c) All the parts necessary to convert the bike back to stock, including Bags and Crash Bars.

Why is your Design Unique and Innovative?
1) This design allows the rider to lean into the corners like a normal motorcycle, with the advantages of a three wheeler.
2) The design is simpler and easier to convert than current traditional non-leaning trikes.
3) No cutting or welding required to donor bike.
4) No changes in forks, or steering head required.
5) No gearing or belt changes required.
6) The design includes IRS
7) Design utilizes off-the shelf components including gearbox with differential and reverse gearing included.
8) All Components sourced in USA or Canada.

Where can I see the Trike?
You Tube Video:


Why are you selling?
Because of my age and some health concerns(eye surgery), my wife wants me to cut down on the number of ventures I am involved with.  She feels I should slow down and enjoy the fruits of our labours.

Where is The Trike Located?
The trike is located in an eastern suburb of Greater Toronto Area, Canada

How does it work?
Without getting too technical or asking you to read the patent documents: it is a combination of the rider, the handle bars, the contour of the tires, the length of the suspension control arms, the suspension linkage and gyroscopic forces to allow the rider to lean in and out of turns.

Is the prototype ready for Retail Sale?
My plan was to build a second prototype incorporating refinements and improvements prior to offering the package for retail sale. Of course I will share this info with the winning bidder.

Remember NO RESERVE above staring Bid amount.


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