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Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Super Sport
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Not a single thing that wasn't "customized" ;), Bodywork/Fai
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Six-speed manual
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Electric start
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Kawasaki ZX10 - 2014
This is most likely the best exhample of previous race/track ZX10 model (some say it's better than new one) you can find.
With help of garages like HM Racing, MSS Kawasaki and Peter Baker, who carried out engine work etc, I spent entire 2017 season developing this machine.
Unfortunately due to the decision of pulling out from racing, after spending 9k+ to build it to the point where it is now, I've made a decision to sell it.
Brief history:
Bought this bike back in 2016 while still racing S1000.
This was immaculate condition road bike with 1800 miles.
Development work started soon after and at the end of that year, bike went through first trials.
By the start of 2017 it was slowly getting ready to be used as race bike in Bemsee Powerbikes Championship.
Development work continued throughout entire season.
Fitted so far:
-Bitubo full front suspension (85kg springs)
-Bitubo rear shock (85kg spring)
-Kawasaki/Ohlins steering damper (race internals)
-Rised clip-ons
-Accossato master cylinder (OEM fitted for Superstock)
-Hel brake lines all over
-Brembo floating discs
-Active Q action throttle
-Carbon race pads
-GB Racing covers
-GB Racing crash bobbins
-Light weight 520 sprockets
-DID ERV3 chain
-MHP exhaust system (weights next to nothing)
-CRC lightweight body
-Valter Moto rear sets
-Bazzaz Q shifter
-SHIDO lightweight battery
-LighTech Q release tank cap
-Race kit ECU & loom
-Harris brake guard
-Race fuel foam
-Rain light
-Keyless start
Bare in mind, due to me taking part in Brands GP BSB meeting,this bike is in Superstock specs, so OEM master cylinder is fitted (Accossato is included in sale. Can fitted on buyer request but will need couple days notice).
-set of like new condition spare wheels with good tyres (Pirelli slicks) will come with the bike.
-spare clutch x 2 (one to be used for spares, other one is used but like new condition, kept as spare if full clutch ever needed)
-steel anty jadder clutch plate (never fitted, brand new)
-Bazzaz fuel control unit (used once). Not fitted as entire electrical system has been replaced with race ECU
-OEM loom and ECU
-OEM black, road bodywork (like new condition with not a single bolt missing)
-some spare parts like water tank,radiator hoses,clocks bracket,fuel lines,fuel pump,clutch cover gasket (these are brand new).
I may have missed some bits,so if in doubt please ask.
With less than 3k miles on the clock (just under 2k as road bike, OEM ecu can confirm), this bike runs like brand new!
Has some work done by Peter Baker (please ask to specify) and then set up by HM Racing. Once race ECU fitted, then all set up work was carried out by MSS Kawasaki.
ECU has all options & settings you could only ask for. That includes lunch control (deactivated as I don't use it), wheelie control, pit limiter (deactivated),traction control and others.
Although I would strongly recommend a garage for the first time to do the work,deactivated options can be easily activated at home as Kawasaki laptop-ECU cable is included in sale! (this alone is well over £300 brand new, not to mention ECU loom which is over £1300).
Suspension has been serviced just short of 110 minutes (under 2h) of total race meetings and 2-3 trackdays ago by HM Racing so should provide hassle free rides for the entire season.
All work except engine was carried out by myself with the highest attention to details.
Brand new Castrol oil and filter now fitted! (3x new filters included in sale).
Not so good bits...
Bike has been down twice. Both occassions only cosmetic damage and engine never restarted until oil drained and replaced with fresh,in order to keep the machine safe.
Apart of some minor gravel marks on tank (one side, nothing major), this is absolutely fantastic,showroom condition piece of kit, so if you looking to save cash on buying, I'm sure you can get one of these for as little as 7.5k, with non, useless or very fiew extras on and then (unless you lucky) having to spend another 2k to fix the engine after two track days...and yet,will never be anywhere near this one.
New clocks was fitter along with race ECU, so the milage shown is not correct. However, as mentioned above,OEM ecu can confirm milage.
All body work is off the bike at the moment, so if there's any specified part any serious buyer would like to see, let me know and I will either record a video or send pictures.
However, I can assure you that frame and mechanical components are in perfect working order...but...by all means, don't take my word for it and do you own investigation if you wish. It's been developped during this season Bemsee Powerbikes Championship, so ask anyone who race there for the history of it.
Sponsor logos and orange bits can be removed if you wish.
More video footage of the bike https://youtu.be/bL0ak5gBPgQ / https://youtu.be/4UoQNncI7yA
V5 is in my name,all frame and engine numbers intact and not fiddled with.
Payment as bank transfer or in cash on collection only!
No Paypal please!
Silly offers will be either ignored or sarcasm to be expected.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
All the best!

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