Very rare Daimler DS420 with low 54,000 miles. "Heads of State" limousine. — luxury vehicle For Sale

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- Daimler DS 420 Limousine
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- Daimler DS 420 Limousine
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Barrington, Illinois, United States
Exterior Color: 
2-tone black over Royal Claret
- Long wheel base factory limousine
Interior Color: 
Grey Connolly leather and black
4.2 litre Jaguar in-line six cylinder
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rear wheel drive
Leather Seats
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Air Conditioning, Power Windows
Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
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Description for luxury vehicle Very rare Daimler DS420 with low 54,000 miles. "Heads of State" limousine.





Being a "grey-market" car, the eBay system does not allow the true VIN to be used in the listing details.
The VIN stated here in the written description is correct and NOT the VIN showed in the entry position required in all eBay listings for cars built after 1981

"Heads of State"
RHD Limousine



his is an absolutely
gorgeous Daimler DS420 limousine out-fitted in 2-tone black over Royal Claret with
black and light grey Connolly hide interior and matching floor rugs. The car is
finished with twin gold fine-lines on the body contour line. Overall the combination
presents very elegantly indeed and is amongst the most desirable of colour
combinations, bringing that "Royal Mews" touch.
These are rare
cars. This one is out of only 170 made in 1985. In total, she is 1 out of some
4,000 made over 24 years of production. This is less than one tenth of
Rolls-Royces produced over that period. The Daimler linousine was built for
"Heads of State" world-wide, to include the English Royal family, for
luxury hotels, like the Intercontinental Hong Kong and were the car of choice
for many formal limousine hire companies.
This particular DS420
was imported from the UK
by its 1 American owner 17 years ago and is a superb example. These Daimlers were never imported into the USA when new.
She is a very
clean and predominantly rust-free which, in itself, is a major advantage as
these cars were renown for their rust issues. Please look at the photos of the
underside to see just how clean she is. The car has been held in private
service by a southern state industrialist for the whole time she has been in the US. She has been
regularly maintained and always housed in a private car collection climate controlled environment.

The body on this
car is straight and the paint is excellent having undergone a complete high-end
repaint some 10 years ago by a Jaguar experienced body-shop. Cost equivalent
today of some $30,000.  It does have only
the most minimal little marks here and there from normal use since then but
presents beautifully. The paint is consistent and lustrous and simply stunning. 
The interior of
the car is in stunning condition with excellent light grey Connolly hide leather
upholstery in the rear passenger section. The driver's quarters is black "Jaguar"
vinyl. There is a small and minor split on the driver seat at the stitching
which is an easy fix that we are happy to attend to at no charge prior to delivery. All the wood throughout
the car is original and in very good condition. There are a couple of minor
hairline cracks in the dash by the glove box but this is not glaringly obvious.
The wood and lacquer finish is shiny, without any lifting and the wood presents
rich in grain – it presents in “excellent” condition compared to the average
example and I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10.. There is no sagging or wear in
the headlining. It presents in original appearance and the carpet is excellent.
The deep grain and glossy finish of the rich grained wood in this example contrasts
beautifully with the greys and  blacks  – making the interior of this car very rich and
inviting. All interior chrome finishes are virtually perfect. Overall it is like
new and smells like it too.
All interior
features and functions are fully operational including electrics –  windows, division, gauges, lights etc. The A/C
blows icy cold. Everything is also clean and crisp. It has had a new stereo
system fitted (currently inoperative), which detracts from the appearance, in my opinion, but any original
Jaguar factory unit of the period is suitable for those who want to keep the
car “pure”. 
The chrome,
stainless steel and bright work finishes are all good without any pitting and
the glass around the car is very fine. All interior and exterior lights work correctly.
Mechanically, the
car is in superior condition and the original presentation under the bonnet clearly
shows that. The car has had extensive regular maintenance by its previous owner so
you can be assured of a quality and caring ownership. Exhaust is good with new mufflers fitted in more recent times. The tyres
on the car are near new. This is a Daimler 420 that appears to have had all its
usual nuances and typical issues of its age attended to and so is ready to go.
The 54,300 miles is not verifiable but the car certainly presents as a low
mileage example.
This is a 10 out
of 10 driver example that needs nothing else doing. It makes for a gorgeous “weekender”
that you could take to your next Jaguar/Daimler meet with pride and joy. (The number plate is included in the sale and is the correct "new-issued" number plate for the car when first sold new in 1985. The "LD" part of the plate stands for "Greater London" so you know it was most likely a Westminster or similar region car).
Please take the time to look at the photo link
below to many additional photos where I have endeavored to capture how pretty
this car is. Please feel free to ask any and all questions you may have as it
is an as-is listing.

* Please note: The title incorrectly states the year as 1975 which, of course, should read 1985. All VIN details and specifications including the original UK (Greater London) number plate support the 1985 year production. This was obviously a clerical error in previous licensing. Also; being a
"grey-market" car, the eBay system does not allow the true VIN to be
used in the listing details. The VIN stated here in the written description is
correct and NOT the VIN showed in the usual entry position required in all eBay
listings for cars built after 1981. That VIN is from an unrelated 85 Jaguar which I had to insert to allow a listing to become live. So please ignore

Being a significantly well-above average example of a rare DS 420 limousine, this
will bring a good value and is priced accordingly. Notwithstanding, sensible
offers are welcomed. ~~
International Buyers are always welcome!




DS 420 Information:


The Daimler limousine DS420, popularly known
as the Daimler Limousine, is a large limousine produced by The Daimler Company
Limited between 1968 and 1992. The vehicles have been used by the British,
Danish and Swedish royal houses. The car is still commonly used in the wedding,
funeral, and hotel trades.


The Limousine was based on the floorpan of
Jaguar's 420G flagship (not to be confused with the smaller Jaguar 420), but
with a wheelbase extended an extra 21 in. The frontal styling was similar to
the original Daimler Sovereign, with the Jaguar four-headlight treatment first
seen on the 420G's predecessor, the Mark X, mated to a Daimler radiator grill
bearing the traditional fluting. Jaguar Mark X/420G underpinnings were also
apparent from the twin ten gallon fuel tanks set in each of the rear wings,
each with its own electric SU pump selected by a dashboard mounted switch.


The driver sat on a full width bench seat
in a relatively upright position which was said to make length-wise adjustment
for different sizes of driver unnecessary, although there was 2.75 in of
telescopic adjustment available on the low-set steering wheel.


Three of the six rear passengers sat on a
bench-seat behind the glass division in opulent comfort — the DS420's rear seat
spanning over 6 feet in width, although shorter than the Rolls-Royce Phantom.
Three more passengers could fit on occasional fold-up seats. The Daimler was
always half the price of even an "off-the-peg" standard series
production long wheel base Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow.


The top speed available from this 245 bhp,
three speed automatic, independently suspended, four wheel disc braked Daimler
limousine was 110 mph. The big Daimler was considered to be a fine vehicle for
the cost with its Le Mans-winning Jaguar engine, the last car to use it, and
bespoke construction.




Originally the cars were built at the
Vanden Plas works in Kingsbury Lane, London, from bodyshells made by Park Sheet
Metals Company assembling panels supplied by Motor Panels of Coventry and by
Pressed Steel Fisher. Early limousines bore the 'Daimler Vanden Plas'
designation on treadplates and workshop manuals. The Kingsbury Plant was closed
in 1979 and production moved to Jaguar in Coventry,
where it continued until 1992. The move to Coventry also brought the third facelift in
the car's life, when less attractive larger bumpers and a revised rear
number-plate surround were fitted. The previous facelift occurred in 1972,
modernizing the window arrangement for the rear passengers, namely how the
previous design's opera windows having a split with one portion that could be
rolled up and down and one static, being replaced with one single window that
could be rolled up and down. It also addressed the corrosion issue of earlier
cars (which related to this previous opera windows), slightly changed the
dimensions of the grill and badge placement on the exterior, and lessened the
amount of woodwork in the interior. The third and final facelift was made in
1987 with the arrival of new plastic bumpers and minor changes to the interior.
This last model known as MkIV was produced until 1992, when Jaguar/Daimler
ceased production of their last coachbuild limousine.


As well as the complete limousine, the
factory also supplied part-bodies to external coachbuilders to allow them to
construct hearses.


Delivered vehicles varied from very basic
models with wind up windows to a mobile boardroom, that was reported to have
been designed for use by Jaguar boss Sir John Egan in 1984, complete with TV,
computer, printer and Cocktail Cabinet. The DS420 was very much a bespoke
vehicle, with an extensive list of options. Individual owners tended to fully
option their cars. The service industry, including the funeral trade and
limousine companies, tended to lightly option their cars. Until the early
1980s, after their purchase by Hertz, Daimler Hire was one of the largest
clients. Daimler Hire cars were offered as limousine transportation, as well as
for state and official use. As such, most Daimler Hire cars are well optioned,
including electric division window, air conditioning, matching leather
interiors, and the official use hood flag mount. Always hand-made, the DS420
had a fascia very similar to some contemporary (in 1968) Jaguars, particularly
the Mark X and 420G, remaining faithful for many years to the old fashioned
steering column and to the pencil-thin steering wheel. Two cars have been built
in landaulette bodywork by the factory (and apparently neither have survived),
but many have been converted to laundaulettes for the wedding car industry
(some more successfully than others).


By 1992 the DS420 was the only model in
the Jaguar range still using the XK engine, along with other parts of the drive
train and suspension, and although the car still appealed to its traditional
customers, production was no longer economic. No direct replacement was
produced by Jaguar, although coachbuilders have adapted the Daimler version of
the XJ6. 


Royal Connection:


The British Royal Mews is now in
possession of three Daimler DS420s available for Royal use on state occasions
and for visiting dignitaries. The late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother had
four DS420 models over the years (all registered NLT1 or NLT2), including one
of the last three models to be produced in 1992 (the other two going to Queen
Elizabeth II, although rarely used, and the other retained by Jaguar for use in
Coventry, now in the possession of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust). All of
the cars delivered for royal use featured certain special features including
cloth seats, removal of chrome around the doors, a bullet-shaped blue light and
a mount on the roof for the Royal Standard and Coat of Arms. These cars were a
reminder of the royal patronage that Daimler lost to Rolls-Royce in the early


One of the Queen Mother's Daimler DS420s,
painted in Royal Claret, is now in the Royal Mews, along with two other models
already owned by the Queen. These are classed as state cars although, unlike
the Royal Rolls-Royce and Bentley models in the royal fleet, they do have
number plates.


One of the most famous late appearances of
the DS420 was for the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales; respectively, both the
hearse and the mourning limousine following it were DS420s.


The Royal Family of Denmark, in
addition to many other prestigious vehicles, have three Daimler DS420s.


Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, used a
Daimler DS420 with the registration number '1' as his official limousine from
1970 to 1988.




The Daimler DS420 is widely used among the
funeral trade, serving as both the executive car for grieving relatives and the
hearse for the deceased, after customization to fit funeral needs. It was once
seen in official use across the world, including by the Danish Royal House, the
Governor of Tasmania, Australia, and the Governor of Bermuda.
The vehicle was also purchased by many local authorities and embassies. The
Inter-Continental Hotel, Hong Kong, formerly The Regent Hotel has been said to
have purchased twenty-two Daimler DS420s across the years.

For extra photos on this fine example go to the link below. The photos are of super high resolution so if you right click on any, you can zoom in and see every little detail and defect in considerable detail.
             Click HERE to see many individual photos


Beautiful factory ORIGINAL African burl walnut wood - flawless

          Click HERE to see many individual photos

read auction terms and conditions below BEFORE bidding.**

note, the $2,000 up-front deposit is a key part of the auction terms and must
be paid within 24 hours. If not paid, or if no contact is
received within that period, we reserve the right to cabcel the purchase or
offer the car to any other party without notice.~~


This Daimler is part of a private collection. Although licensed
and bonded, I am not a main-stream retail car dealer or broker; I am a
professional car collector of some 35 years with considerable experience and
knowledge of British cars. I have a long standing reputation being associated
with the Rolls-Royce marque which I take seriously. I take pride in my cars and
have fun in collecting and restoring them. However, auctions are not a game so
when you place a bid or offer, and you are the winning bidder, please
understand you have entered a binding contract. You cannot bid and win the
auction and expect not to meet the terms and conditions. Bidding and/or winning
does not mean you are expecting me to “hold” the car until you have the
opportunity to inspect it. Any inspection contemplated should be undertaken
BEFORE you bid or make an offer and I openly welcome any potential buyer to
come and personally inspect the car. Once you bid or make an offer, you are
doing so to buy WITHOUT conditions. Your bid can not be subject to anything. A
$2000.00 deposit (non-refundable) is required within 24 hours of the close of
the auction and payable by PayPal. The balance of funds are required within 7
days of the close of the auction and must be provided by cashier’s check or
bank wire. I cannot accept PayPal for the balance unless you are willing to
meet the cost of transfer fees. Full payment must be made (and payments cleared)
before the title and/or the vehicle is released. All payments are
non-refundable. Payments as described above form an important part of this
purchase contract and so, if all the funds are not received as outlined above,
I reserve the right to terminate the transaction without notice. If there has
been any deposit or other part payments received and I elect to terminate the
contract, I reserve the right to keep any such deposits or payments and resell
the vehicle to another bidder or interested party or re-list the vehicle at any
time. To be clear, if you change your mind for ANY reason and do not complete
the transaction in the time-frame required, you will forfeit your deposit. I am
happy to assist with shipping arrangements on a national and worldwide basis
but the winning bidder takes full responsibility for pickup and/or shipping and
at his cost.

As a collector and experienced restorer of a range of classic cars, I make
every effort to bring my cars to a high standard. By comparison, my cars are
generally superior to others available but they are by no means perfect. You
must expect some issues. Unless specifically stated, the car is not of show
standard but of nice "driver" condition. Please understand, show cars
cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve and sell for prices
commensurate, so the sale price of this car reflects its relative condition.
You are buying "condition" accordingly. Buyers should not expect to
receive concours quality or "perfect" cars at these prices. Please
also understand it is not always possible to attend to every item, or perhaps I
may have inadvertently overlooked items. Further, and very importantly, these
cars are not new. So this means a 40 year old car is predominantly comprised of
40 year old parts. And old parts will fail. All buyers must understand and
expect that things can or will wear out, break and/or stop functioning without
notice. This is even more likely with hand-built English cars of early
technology when compared to the typical American car of the same vintage.
Suspension and brakes on these cars are complex. We thoroughly check them and
replace things that are identified faulty. But please understand, by example;
if we change a brake line because it appears aged or faulty, we do NOT at the
same time replace all other hoses because they are of similar age. This is
considered "preventative maintenance". We do not do this unless
specifically requested and is not included in the purchase price. Feel free to
ask for this additional service. Further, a feature or function that is working
perfectly one moment, may decide to play-up the next. After all, it is some 40
years old. This is the nature of any used car and especially classic/old British
cars. For this reason it is necessary for the following condition:

vehicle is being sold "as-is/where-is" with no warranty expressed,
written or implied. Any descriptions or representations are made with
reasonable judgment and all efforts are made to ensure fair assessment and
accuracy but they are for descriptive and identification purposes only and are
not to be construed as a warranty of any type. The seller shall not be
responsible for errors in description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects
herein and makes no warranty in connection therewith. If any aspect of the
description contradicts what can be seen in the photos, then the photos shall
prevail as the reference point. No allowance or set aside will be made on
account of any incorrectness, unforeseen imperfection, defect or damage. It is
the responsibility of the buyer to have satisfied himself as to the condition
and value and to bid based upon that judgment solely. The seller shall and will
make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects at the buyer’s
request prior to the close of the auction. Seller assumes no responsibility for
any repairs regardless of any written or oral statements about the vehicle.
Being a classic car in excess of 10 years of age, in most US states, the
mileage may be recorded as “exempt”. In this regard the seller makes no
warranties as to the accuracy of the mileage indicated or shown. I can hold the
vehicle up to 30 days while you arrange shipping but you must immediately
insure it. I will not bear any responsibility for any additional costs
including storage, transportation, or repair after the close of the auction.
Whereas I am happy to store the car in excess of 30 days from auction end, a
cost of $35 per day shall apply beyond 30 days of auction end. Also, you must
remember that this is a 40 year old vehicle, and while it is up to you, I do
not recommend you just “hop in and drive it across the country” until you have
familiarised yourself with the car. At least, I have never done that. I have
always professionally transported the cars in enclosed carriers from where I
bought them to my home.
Please further note: This Daimler is a 1985 VIN and specification car. All documentation from Daimler factory and industry expert sources confirm the production year as 1985. The title, however, indicates 1975 which reflects what must be (in common sense) a clerical error in licensing in the US. That said, the seller takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for this error and it shall be entirely the buyers duty to "live with" this error or apply for a change, the latter for which the seller takes no responsibility if even possible.


am sorry if these terms seem harsh but there seem to be some very unrealistic
buyers out there - fortunately, only few of these people exist but those that
do can make life difficult, so it appears EVERYTHING needs to spelled out. Very
simply put, this is an old car being offered for sale. It is not new and is
subject to the perils of age. Further, Jaguars are not without nuances,
idiosyncrasies and they are renown for a host of design issues which can make
them not inexpensive to maintain. So, please respect the terms and conditions
when you bid.



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