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XK150 'S', Roadster, Manual Overdrive
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Excelsior, Minnesota, United States
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6 Cylinder Dual Overhead Cam
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Extremely Rare 'S' Model with Manual Overdrive, Convertible, Leather Seats
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Description for luxury vehicle 1959 XK150 'S' Jaguar Roadster, Cotswell Blue, Manual Overdrive, Convertible


1959 Jaguar XK150 'S' OTS

Overdrive --- EXTREMELY RARE


'S' model with A “Manual” Overdrive is VERY RARE and COLLECTABLE”.  There were only 888 3.4 ltr ‘S’ models
produced, only a few had “Overdrive” and VERY VERY FEW
had a “MANUAL” Overdrive.  That
makes this EXTREMELY RARE.

Recommended in Automobile Magazine as a car to
“BUY” as prices have been rapidly increasing but have yet to peak, making this
a great car to purchase today and an excellent
investment for tomorrow.  This coincides with a couple articles
published by the Wall Street Journal on the topic of Investing in Classic Cars.
The one article specifically mentioned that it’s the European Open
Cars/Roadsters that are performing the best in the Classic Car Market Place. 
There were fewer of these made than other Classic Cars making them more Rare
and Better Investments.

The XK150 ‘S’ Jaguars are definitely continuing to
increase in value; especially those that are restored to #1 Concours condition.  Several XK150
‘S’ vehicles have recently sold well above $300,000 USD --------- One with an
older restoration done in the early 90’s recently sold at Amelia Island for $341,000 USD, and another one recently sold for $646,611 USD at the Bonhams London UK auction ---- and it was
a DHC (Drop Head Coupe) which
is typically 30% less than a Roadster, and it wasn't an 'S' which would also
make it less desirable.  The latest XK150’S’, that sold within the
past couple weeks in the UK at the H&H Auction, sold for $307,000 USD.  It was also a
DHC and not the more desirable “Roadster”. 
 They continue to increase in
value as they rapidly approach the half million mark.



When the XK150 Jaguar was launched …

it didn’t grab the world’s attention
in the way that its predecessors had. However, in hindsight it is recognized as
the superb car it is, with more refinement than any previous XK. What would
turn out to be the final glorious incarnation of Jaguar’s fabulous ‘XK’ series
of sports car arrived in 1957. As its nomenclature suggests, the XK150 was a
progressive development of the XK120 and XK140, retaining the same basic
chassis, 3.4-litre engine and four-speed Moss transmission of its predecessors
while benefiting from a new, wider body that provided increased interior space
and improved visibility courtesy of a single-piece wrap-around windscreen,
replacing the XK140’s divided screen. Cleverly, the new body used many
XK120/140 pressings, the increased width being achieved by means of a
100mm-wide central fillet. A higher front wing line and broader radiator grille
were other obvious differences, but the new model’s main talking point was its
Dunlop disc brakes. Fade following repeated stops from high speed had been a
problem of the earlier, drum-braked cars, but now the XK had stopping power to
match its prodigious straight-line speed. It was the world’s first production
car to be fitted with four-wheel disc brakes. 
This is the reason they fared so well in racing.  The XK140's walnut dashboard was replaced by
one trimmed in leather. Thinner doors gave more interior space. 

The XK150 was available at first only
in fixed and drophead, ‘2+2’ coupé forms, the open two-seater version not
appearing until the following year. Disc brakes apart, the chassis remained
much as before, as did the 3.4-litre, six-cylinder engine that produced 190bhp
as standard or 210bhp in ‘Special Edition’ form when fitted with the ‘B’-type
cylinder head. The four-speed Moss gearbox continued while overdrive and
automatic transmission were optional. “The Jaguar XK150 is undeniably one of
the world’s fastest and safest classic cars. It is quiet and exceptionally
refined mechanically, docile and comfortable. “We do not know of a more
outstanding example of value for money”, concluded the authoritative AutoCar

For those who demanded even greater performance an ‘S’ option became
available concurrently with the launch of the sportiest ‘OTS’ (open
two-seater) roadster body style. The ‘S’ boasted triple SU carburetors, free flow inlet
manifold, 9:1  pistons, lead bronze bearings
and a lightened flywheel, these features helping to liberate 250bhp. And some
sported an “Overdrive” transmission which made in essence gave you a 5th
gear.   Only a handful XK150 ‘S’ Jaguars were
made with a “Manual Overdrive” which is VERY desirable
as a collector car due to its rarity.  The
later 3.8 Ltr version claimed an extra 15bhp but experts agree that the
3.4 ‘S’ is the sweetest of all XK engines. 



is a strikingly
beautiful, completely restored, example of the most sought after XK
models; the Jaguar XK150 'S', 3.4 Ltr, OTS Roadster with a “MANUAL”
Overdrive.  This car is an extremely high level CONCOURS
restoration.  It’s finished with a BEAUTIFUL
Cotswold Blue exterior and an EXQUISITE looking red interior, which is a
stunning color combination!

and comes with Heritage Certificate data to certify the authenticity of the numbers.  We also
have detailed photographs showing all of the numbers on the car prior to its
restoration.  The VIN (Vehicle Identification
Number) is: T831979DN. As verified by the Heritage Certificate information the
car was built January 5, 1959, and currently sports all of its ORIGINAL COLORS.
The ownership is known on this car all the way back to the original purchase of
the car; starting with Mr. G.H. Jones who is identified on the Heritage
Certificate information. 

The car was a very
ORIGINAL (including the interior) and a complete running car at the time the
restoration began.   The restoration was just recently completed
within the past few weeks.  As seen in
the photos, no expense was spared.  The final master piece is absolutely
stunning! The XK150 model 'S' is an extremely rare car to begin with, and to
see one as nice as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Since the
car was restored it has been stored in a climate controlled garage; less than
100 miles have been put on the car since the restoration completion. 
Considering the detail and effort that went into the restoration, more
important than the money, is finding a home where it will be cared for to the
same level that is currently being done today----------- as a result the
RESERVE price is WELL BELOW market value and well under the cost to
restore one to this quality level.



The car was
completely disassembled. The frame and body were sent to a metal restoration
shop to be stripped of all paint and undercoating using an alkaline immersion
process, which was followed with a reverse electrolysis process to remove the
rust.  The parts were then dipped in a
water soluble rust inhibitor which prevents the metal from rusting prior to the
parts being primed and painted.   The
above process does away with acid dipping, sandblasting, and shot blasting
which all can be very destructive on the body and frame.

After the frame members, body, chrome,
electrical and mechanicals were restored to perfection, the reassembly process
commenced.  There are MANY photos of the
complete restoration, including photos of the car prior to its restoration.   There is also detailed documentation and
receipts relevant to the restoration. 


Electrical /

The reassembly started with the
suspension, brakes, fuel tank, and fuel and brake lines. The brake system was
completely rebuilt, as was the entire fuel system.  The springs were removed and
refurbished/replaced, and all seals, rubber components, and bearings were
replaced. A brand new stainless exhaust was also installed, which sounds
amazing! As the car was assembled every nut and bolt was cleaned and either re-plated
or repainted, or replaced. The engine, along with the transmission, was
completely rebuilt as well as the triple SU carbs, and all relevant electrical/mechanicals.
During the process all the wiring was replaced new including the entire
ignition system.  Finally, the engine and body were remounted, and new Dayton
wire wheels and correct period tires were mounted.  The car also comes with the original painted
wire wheels. 


Paint and

As seen by the photos, and mentioned
above, the car was a very complete and running car prior to the restoration,
and sporting all original factory sheet metal and the original interior.  And as stated above, once it was completely
disassembled the entire body and frame were both completely stripped to bare
metal of all previous paint, undercoating and rust prior to them being primed
and painted.  After the engine and all
frame mounted parts were installed, the car was meticulously assembled.  The final result is a breath taking stunning Cotswold
Blue sculpture.   



The quality of the interior is second
to none. It was produced by  BAS Ltd.,
they have been manufacturing original specification interiors for Jaguars since
1976. The sumptuous hides are Connolly Leather hides; the original material the
car sported in 1959, and that were still in the car until recently when the
restoration began.  The carpets are also
made with the proper woolen stock that was used on the original cars coming out
of the factory. This clearly shows in the photos of the car and is what will
set this XK150 'S' apart from any other XK150 you’ve seen. The interior
and top were installed by a well-known specialist that has done many award
winning Jaguars.  The top is of course a
NEW high quality Stay-fast / canvas top, as is the NEW Tonneau cover. 


classic British sports car, the culmination of the marquee, brought up to
contemporary drivability standards with elegance and precision—this Jaguar is
definitely one to own. This is THE car to take to your regional car show, or a
national JCNA (Jaguar Club of North America) Concours and take down a
trophy.  It will only continue to appreciate in value over time.

for the cars performance, as mentioned above, the entire engine was
rebuilt.  As a result the car runs beautifully without any hesitation or
problems.  The transmission is also smooth and effortless.  And with
the Overdrive feature it’s like having a 5th gear when traveling at high
speeds.  In summary, this gorgeous piece of jewelry is just as roadworthy
as it is attractive.

considering purchasing this car you need to keep the potential investment value
of this car in mind.  The XK150 ‘S’ is an
excellent investment!  Not only are XK150's rare and desirable, this one happens to be an 'S' which
makes it even more rare.  ONLY 888 XK150 'S', 3.4 Ltr, OTS
Roadsters were ever produced in the world. 
The number of surviving today is significantly less, and the number of these
cars that look as nice as this is next to none.   On top of that this one has the VERY
Rare “Manual” Overdrive.  Most people, including Jaguar collectors,
have never seen an XK150 with the Manual Overdrive; they have only read about
them and seen pictures of it in books.  Don’t
miss your opportunity to own one of the most beautiful XK150 model S’s in the

 As mentioned earlier, pristine XK150 ‘S’
Jaguars are selling for $300,000 USD or more. 
This is your opportunity to own an Concours
XK150 'S' Roadster before they become the next million dollar collector
car.  It’s an investment that is
increasing in value daily, and as seen from it’s track record will continue to
increase in value.  Can
you say the same thing about your other investments? 

the Jaguars that you will find at big name auctions this car does not include
high exorbitant fees above and beyond it’s selling price.  This is to
your advantage.


Any questions about this car can be addressed
through ebay, or please feel free to contact me
personally at 612-298-5648. I will keep your contact information
confidential and not post it on Ebay.

Also, as people ask questions, and/or as I
think of more information regarding this Jaguar I’ll
post this information daily so keep an eye on my eBay ad throughout the


NOTE: Once I get part way through the auction if I receive a reasonable offer I will consider a “Buy it Now” price thus the car may no longer be available.  So don’t hesitate to call me if your mind is set on purchasing this car.


The car is available for viewing prior to the end of the auction.  Just contact me and I’ll arrange a time for you to view it if you desire.


----------------Good Luck bidding -----------------


TERMS OF SALE OVERVIEW:  I reserve the right to end this listing at any time should the vehicle no longer be available for sale. The following terms of sale apply to this auction:

Payment:   Upon placing a bid you agree to the following Terms: Buyer agrees to pay $2000.00 USD (non-refundable) via a PayPal deposit within 24 hours of auction close, and the balance in full within 7 days of the close of the auction via Wire Transfer. All financial transactions must be completed before delivery of the vehicle.  A copy of a clear title will be sent to the Buyer (as proof of clear title) upon Buyer sending Seller Buyer’s contact information, and a down payment has been made.  The original title will be sent to the Buyer within 5 Business Days upon Buyer paying for the vehicle in full. 

Disclaimer:  YOUR BID IS A BINDING CONTRACT PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU INTEND TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE TRANSACTION!   You’re bidding to own this vehicle, not the right to look at the vehicle.  This vehicle is sold AS-IS WHERE-IS.  This vehicle is being sold as is, where is, with no warranty, expressed written or implied. The seller shall not be responsible for the correct description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects herein, and makes no warranty in connection therewith. No allowance or set aside will be made on account of any incorrectness, imperfection, defect or damage. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. It is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and, value and to bid based upon that judgment solely. The seller shall and will make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects associated with this vehicle at the buyer's request prior to the close of sale. Seller assumes no responsibility for any repairs regardless of any oral statements about the vehicle. Once the Auction has ended, and the Reserve has been met the high/winning bidder is responsible for payment and for arranging shipping.

 Fees and Taxes:  Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title/registration fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered.

Shipping: The Buyer is responsible for arranging for shipping and responsible for all related costs.  The Seller will see to it that the car is available for pick-up at a time that best meets both the Buyer’s and Seller’s schedule.



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